Will anti seize cause bolts to loosen

  • Make sure you secure it with wheel stops, and jack stands as well. BENEFITS: New more powerful, more accurate spray Frees stuck nuts, bolts and locks Dissolves rust and cuts through grease 50-state compliant Low odor, 0% VOC and safe on painted surfaces Permatex 81343 Anti-Seize Lubricant, 1 oz. The holes then need to be drilled out and tapped for a heli-coil thread insert. Mar 23, 2019 · Anti-Seize is great for engine bolts or something where the bolt is going to be installed for years in a corrosive environment, and you want to be able to easily get out years later. The OEM service manual explains what Loctite to use on specific bolts. It does provide some lubrication for the threads, so, if you're real picky, you may want to adjust tightening torque. Anti-Seize Anti-seize materials protect threaded and slip-fitted metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing at high temperatures. As far as other bolts, I've always used it on wheel studs and spark plugs (N/A in this case). Seems like the real test is high temps, like over 1000 degrees and dissimilar metals, plastics, chemicals and how they react. It possible to brush them with anti slip and check tightness overtime to verify thems still tight. Will the use of anti seize on vehicle lug nuts cause a significant increase in the axial loads and/or stresses on the lug studs, that would likely cause a significant problem or danger ? If so, I would think you could simply reduce the specified torque by a certain percentage to compensate for the use of the anti seize. Just a few of the parts which it can be used to pry free include nuts, bolts, pipes, bearings, flywheels, and sprockets. Doing so may cause damage. On a well designed steel wheel, the bolt seats are pressed in such a way as to provide a slightly raised contact area at the hub or disk interface. (88 Nm) of torque on the anti-seize covered bolt. This can cause these high stress bolts to loosen up. They are ok for anchor bolts ,disc to hub, underside of anti rattle to caliper body, but not pad to anti rattle clip guide surface. On top of its lubricating properties, it also helps to clean and prevent rust. By Steve D'Antonio. Bolts by them selves, there was no problem. Buy an extra package of header bolts. I am not sure if thread locker would cause problems with the Al or not, just want to suggest it as a potential issue. I searched about this and there is a thread in the past with mixed feelings, put it or not put it. lb. Threadlockers. Step 3: Unbolt the brake caliper fasteners at the back of the caliper. Step 2: Next, remove the wheel nuts and then take off the wheels. For rotor bolts, use an ample amount of blue threadlocker (loc-tite), even on Ti bolts. Using anti-seize on the philip head screw that holds the brake rotor to the hub is useful if you live in the salt/rust belt of the country. . lucky me i was able to get them out thanks to some help. Is there ever a time I don't want to use Anti-seize on nuts and bolts? Does it cause some bolts to loosen up too easily and not "grip" as well? Why would OEM not use this stuff on original assembly other than Understanding The True Value Of Anti-Seize Although the purpose of an anti-seize may be obvious due to its name, it is a subject not well understood and certainly under utilized. At the time of the study, zinc plated steel was the most commonly supplied bolt material. I tend to put anti-seize compound on most bolts. What are mounting and anti seize pastes? Mounting pastes, as the name says, are pastes for mounting elements. The active material in anti-seize is a soft metal powder or synthetic. If you don’t prevent your hardware from rusting or seizing, here’s how to free it. reaction force of the main bolt head create a strong clamping force on the lubricate well with suitable anti-seize lubricant. May 11, 2010 · Dont use anti-seize on the exhaust manifold bolts, or you will have one back out just enough to cause a troublesome exhaust leak, and worst case, warpage of the manifold if more than one bolt backs out some. Using an anti-seize compound or lubricant on mounting surfaces or hardware. July 17, 2013. The thread sealant prevents fittings from loosening, yet space between the threads, the bolts will seize in place. OT: Lug nuts & anti-seize The application is boat trailers going into salt water most days of the year. I would feel like hell pulling away from a stop light and leave my bed behind in the street! Putting anti-seize or oil on studs or nuts can cause the nuts to loosen. Permatex® Anti-Seize Lubricant should be used on coil-over threads to prevent galling. The bolt head turned far past (remember this is quasi-scientific!) the dry 65 ft. To start the process, spray a few drops of penetrating oil onto the top groove or two small rectangular slots on the sides of the pump flange. Check and top off the brake fluid as necessary. Do not apply anti-seize compound to the lug hardware or studs. This is good, but inadequate. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for their installation and removal. (A), put on when loosening the tensioners will speed up the process. They suggest Everlube¨ 620C for batch, pre-applying to stainless steel fasteners. 88 and +. You have it basically backwards. Re: Anti-Seize for Stainless Steel Hardware 11/10/2010 8:03 AM My experience has shown that using different grades of stainless steel, in this case 316 bolts with 304 huts and washers, works ok and I have personnally dismantled equipment that has been outside for 40 years. Some like to use lock tite on the tb tensioner nut. A high Jun 08, 2017 · Hello folks, Working on the wheels for the first time. Under torqued nuts can also loosen which most of you understood when I mentioned the Sam's Club torque of 80 ft lbs. I would be careful on critical fastners (torque to yield or "stretch" bolts) as the torque values given are typically for not lubricated fastners. -When you apply anti-seize to a fastener and torque it to 100in-lbs. Galling - Thread galling occurs (commonly in stainless steel) when there are imperfections in the threading. Loctite anti-seize compounds are stocked in a variety of formulations for your specific applications. Improper flange alignment, especially flange face parallelism, causes uneven gasket compression, local crushing, and can cause subsequent leakage. 3. You want your anti-seize to be one class more active than the most active material it is applied to. Anti-seize HDR 78S K-1 and not a cause for a warranty claim or return . SH Series clamps with the new anti-galling option are constructed with bolts formed from Nitronic 60 stainless steel alloy to withstand over-torquing and sodium hydroxide-based cleaning solutions. had to make a phone call back then to ARP to see what they suggested, their suggestion was to carefully clean off all the anti seize and use their specified lube at their specified torque values. They are lubricants for easy installation. This method of removing a wheel stuck on the car is better than using a hammer to hit the stuck wheel. Preventing galling required forming the bolts out of harder material that wouldn’t be deformed by over-torquing the nut. pipe,Vr6 brakes, 2" lift, Panzer, Bilstein HD, Bosio DLC 1019's PD_fuel_delivery TDI Search Plug release tool Howto terminal hey i recently posted a thread about how i had two studs that broke off in the head. Hey I agree that the cost is negligible in the long run. For everyone that thinks using anti-seize on wheel studs is a great idea, you might want to think about it more. One such source, EM Corporation, suggests their Permaslik¨ RAC product for use at the point of assembly. Be carefull how you go about it. Remove all the bolts and curse and swear a bit when trying to remove the 2 behind the exchanger. Only put Anti-Seize on the rotor where the rim touches the rotor so next season you are not kicking the tire to get it off the car. Take time to explain to the driver why anti-seize is bad and how it can cause problems. Then grease the bolts and install new rubber boots (Photo 7). 2. In the past, we have received quality concerns from customers, though investigations clarified that the cause of failure was seizing rather than product quality. 5 Apr 2013 Although the purpose of an anti-seize may be obvious due to its ground screws , and antennae connections, anti-seize can be used with  Anti-seize compound is an amazing product that can prevent frustrating and damaging thread seizure. I sure wish with the factories would use the stuff on head and exhaust bolts. turns out that certain models of porshes use magnesium lugs and require anti-sieze to keep them from siezing onto the studs or drums. Furthermore, a dry anti-seize K factor is extremely hard to predict. 07-22-2008, 08:35 PM #16 Unless otherwise specified, torque values on engines are dry and using anti-seize will cause over torquing. All that said I've slapped anti seize on nearly every fastener I've removed from every vehicle I've owned. I've been working on cars, power equipment, and general stuff for 40 years and swear by anti-seize. you can pick up various sorts of brake lubricants from any parts store. As you know, there are many grades of bolts and studs and they must be matched to the type of use they are going to see. Meanwhile, back here in Real World, the question poser is talking about having to apply 150 to 200 foot pounds of effort to loosen “those pesky little lug nuts”; not, the 10 ft. The Junker theory is discussed. Search here for threads about seized and broken crash bar bolts if you're on the fence. Sure it will torque up and clamp the living do-do up really tight, but at the same time it is also can stretch the stud beyond the yield point to the point they could just snap. It's really annoying when you go to change a tire and you encounter a lug nut that is stuck. 87 however it's a little on the high side. Especially the spark plugs. I also had a clunk when i was going forward, and I'm sure that, if I went backwards, the caliper would have rotated up and locked into the wheel. Loctite and anti- seize? it will delay the process that causes problems but the threads will fret  Threadlockers. In conclusion; I would say that the use of anti-seize on lug bolts and studs really that to loosen the nuts (110 ft-lbs seems like a good-enough number) then I will Overtightening causes issues as the stud it taken closer to its tensile strength  21 Apr 2017 Fasteners that have been lubricated, with anti-seize or any lubricant for around a bolt will cause it to expand, often enough to loosen years'  could lead to misalignment and ultimately cause bearing failure. They also reduce friction, wear and breakage on critical parts in severe operating environments. Engine are relatively smooth running. Since it's good to use on the inner wheel / outer hub surface, a swipe on the lug threads couldn't hurt. Nov 26, 2017 · I ALWAYS use antiseize on the wheel studs and hubs of my own vehicles. RECOMMENDED: Kent recommends that you ALWAYS use a light film of anti-seize on the threads when installing spark plugs in a gas engine and glow plugs in a diesel. This method will prevent you from having to research how to remove seized bolts,  loosening that occurs in most threaded assemblies. 10 Sep 2018 Thread galling with self-clinching fasteners isn't common, but when it occurs it which is the seizing or abrading of threads caused by adhesion between the widespread problem with threaded fasteners, it can cause significant fastener in a fastener, and preload is critical to prevent vibration loosening. Use anti-seize on the lug bolts - the problem might be not that the bolts were too tight initially, but that they've rusted in place. This anti-corrosion and protection fluids. The use of stainless steel bolts can pose unique problems when removal of the light If anti-seize compound was not applied, improperly applied, or the anti- seize damage, movement of any part, or loosening of fasteners must be cause for. The heat will cause expansion. Although they were made a nut and a bolt can seize together. These commonly All you need to do it spray the rusted and seized nuts and bolts with it. A general-purpose, food-grade (non-toxic) anti-seize. You don't want to use one instead of the required other. Goes up to 2,400 degrees. warns about the " overuse " of anti-seize on plugs because of the possibility of stripping the threads in an aluminum head along with migration of too much anti-seize causing the plug to misfire but they didn't mention snapping a plug like the point NGK is trying to make. Anti-seize lubricants are used with machine threaded fasteners to reduce friction that can cause thread seizing (galling) during installation. A thin coating of anti-seize will prevent the bolts from sticking and allow for proper torque setting. Makes life much easier for obvious reasons. Products that cure to form a hard lock and seal that prevents loosening caused by shock and vibration. Brake discs can rust causing the pads to become stuck to them, or a caliper piston, or slider pin can get stuck for similar reasons. And I do use Loctite on rear sprocket bolts. I do use anti-seize on all engine cover bolts (including the filter oil cover bolts). Throw Grade-8 bolts in there, lube them up with your choice of anti-seize, tighten them down, and call it a day. 003 in. Failure to lubricate the coil-over threads with Anti-Seize prior to making ride height adjustments will cause damage to your shock absorber and will void any warranty. 1. 28. ) before mounting them and tightening to an appropriate torque. I also recommend to put anti-seize on torque sensitive screws like the triple clamp bolts, or the pinch bolts on the lower fork tubes. Spray and brush the back before removal. Always start with the base bolts to make the Apr 30, 2010 · Overtightening can damage parts or cause fasteners to break. They can also alleviate rust-lock and  31 Mar 2020 Loosened tie bolt assemblies behind Virgin Australia 737 wheel failure The loose tie bolt assemblies were caused by the presence of anti-seize compounds, which In less than 2 minutes you will have unlimited access to:. Often, galling can cause damage to the thread of the fastener, but it can still be removed. This will then work its magic in loosening them up. If you ride in salty conditions, use something like this and wash scoot frequently. Replace corroded Nov 10, 2019 · May as well throw me tuppence worth in 60 no is not a lot of torquing , but having been the victim of taking off seized wheel lugs can not see how it would harm or loosen the lug in time. LIQUID WRENCH® Penetrating Oil with CERFLON® is a fast-acting, anti-seize formula that penetrates corrosion, and loosens rusted bolts and parts. i decided to get a new stud kit from FP and now i have been debating if i shoud use anti sieze or lock tight for the new studs? i have searched around the forums and have not gotten a straight forward answer. lubricant can reduce the effect of friction and convert more torque to bolt preload. Telling someone to avoid threads with anti seize is like saying avoid using your derailleur to shift. It's much worse when you have a flat tire, it's dark and raining, the temperature is 35 degrees and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with no hope of receiving help. lbs for my truck. Therefore, they must be able to withstand a small amount of relative motion themselves. If you have any concerns, CALL US! We will be happy to help you solve your problem. So take this part seriously. Time and lack of anti seize cause it. Many people use loctite improperly too, by the way. Re: Question on header bolts, Loctite or antiseize? 09-01-03 04:37 AM - Post# 292470 In response to gene I'd prefer the anti-seize. So I am hoping that after putting anti-seize and right amount of torque May 06, 2016 · For five decades, Bostik’s Never-Seez products have been recognized as the industry leader in anti-seize and lubricating compounds. To end the anti-seize thread, it was removed from the bolts and I plan to take the car back in another week or so to re-check the torque settings to confirm they haven't come loose. The factory may use thread locker, but that is with cast iron heads. More How To. if anyone has ever Jun 22, 2017 · This can cause in-service leaks, especially in high temperature services when the heavily loaded bolts relax. porshe my first job out of high school was at a place called the "911 shop" as r/r labor. Self-Loosening of Bolts and Threaded Fasteners discussing why bolts loosen and how it can be prevented. Trouble with gritting is over them they can seize the bolts . in addition to vibration, lead to loosening and ultimately. • Improper Flange Alignment. I've yet to have any trouble with an exhaust bolt installed like this. Will the use of anti seize on vehicle lug nuts cause a significant increase in the axial loads and/or stresses on the lug studs, that would likely cause a significant problem or danger ? If so An anti seize is composed of a lubricant plus metal flakes. Seat bolts, rust on those threads the last time I had the seat off, etc. Apr 28, 2005 · I would use anti-seize. lbs. Vibration loosening is another name for self-loosening. Then clean all the rust and debris from the wheel hub. They will allow for loosening of the parts. The force from a hammer will destroy the wheel rim and bolts. 8t Jetta Wagon Alh w/5spd swap, SB 21#SM DD, bew lift pump, 11mm IP, VNT17, Malone stage4 tune, 2. Note two bolts are visible and Hi guys I recently installed bilsteins 5100's and CB +2. I personally think Grease and anti-seize are about the same, they're It's designed to prevent loosening but is it necessary for stem bolts here To complicate this further, can you combine two of these three, e. Reinstall the caliper carrier, and torque the carrier bolts (the big ones) to a whopping 92 Ft Lbs . They are in lube all the time 24 hours a day and they don't loosen up or have loctite on them. Loosen and remove the 3 bolts that retain the starter. These high performance greases (formulated with or without specific types of metal Heating the bolts to loosen the loctite is a lot less hassle then losing a bolt on the sprocket. 07-22-2008, 08:35 PM #16 You use the anti-seize compounds on bolts where you would normally use grease. Oct 26, 2012 · Particularly, bolts and nut combinations that hold on body panels like the Wings, etc. Aug 27, 2013 · Prevent Engine Corrosion With Marine Grade Anti-Seize. Otherwise, the potential to over-torque is very real and may cause a failure. Serviceable often, sometimes or never. Jun 23, 2018 · Anti-seize compound might help w/ the lug bolts. Anti-seize will act as a lubricant - the lubricating  Keeping fasteners tight, particularly the threaded sort, seems like a simple will cause loosening – and in only 50 to 100 cycles. Usually there isn't a need to Anti-seize the wheel bolts/nuts. Because I've never seen any evidence of either product doing anything real. Use the extra high temp copper compound anti seize if required. Be warned, however, anti-seize will make fasteners more prone to self-loosening, which makes using a locking mechanism such as seizing wire, lock washers or nylock nuts is even more important. I've used it on mine, which also have some 'snug' threads. WARNING Do not allow anti-seize compound to contaminate drive shaft, journals, shims, or thrust washer inner faces. Warning: Never apply anti-seize grease to the wheel studs since it can loosen the lug nuts and make the wheel fall off. I had my shop do the alignment and my camber is within spec of +. If someone said they loosened or cleaned nuts/bolts it was 100% in their head and just gave them the extra mental energy they needed to break it loose. Sent from my Armor_2 using Tapatalk '02 1. tensioners as this will cause problems later. Anti-seize will not cause the nuts to come loose if they are torqued to the proper value. Even the WELL's Video I posted on the previous pg. You can google "anti-seize and torque" and come up with all sorts of information. Mar 19, 2017 · Anti-seize lubricant . Do not use anti-sieze on bolts or studs as it is a Dec 20, 2019 · For the toughest rusted bolts, it’s hard to beat Aerokroil. off (the seized bolt from earlier) is by over-tightening or over-loosening and it's just gonna  The second is that the use of anti seize will cause over torqueing of the other automotive applications without any loosening of bolts or nuts it  For that matter I use antiseize on most repairs I do on my own vehicles antiseize will NOT cause bolts to loosen (assuming they are properly Antiseize is slicker than either case, and it will cause additional bolt stretch. Ahh! More debate on anti-seize. Applying anti-seize to these plugs will cause the installer to mistakenly over-torque the plug in the cylinder head stretching the metal between the last thread and the seal between the cylinder head and plug. It's almost a necessity in PA if you want to make sure the rust doesn't lock it for you. Jan 22, 2007 · Use Anti-Seize when you don't want it to be perminant. A sticking or stuck caliper piston, a pad stuck in a caliper anchor, a clogged brake hose or a frozen slide can cause seizure in disc brakes. Stuck hardware occurs when a bolt, nut or screw gets corrosion between the threads and they won’t budge. Stuck wheel spinners and wheels can mean costly removal techniques possibly resulting in serious damage to the spinner and/or wheel itself. Some torque values could be mis-spec'd, leading to stripped hardware. Aluminum anti-seize is for electrical applications such as low voltage power bushings. ‘A bolt is a bolt’ has been muttered many times by people putting together engines or cars. The main cause of brakes seizing is inactivity, coupled with corrosion. The second reason is the threading is seated wrong. You do not want to put anything on the bolts, you tighten it to a certain level and you dont want the product to help it loosen or anything. Your future self will thank you. But my cam bolts are seized and they can not break them free. Some bolts need anti-seize, not Loctite. My old Honda Civic torque spec was 80 ft/lbs. Based on the feedback I have gotten from another Engineering forum, it seems the general consensus is that anti seize will not cause the lugs to loosen, but perhaps could possibly cause too much axial force to be applied to the lug studs. 1 Copaslip is a high temperature anti-seize compound that incorporates a  It is a measure of how much force acting on an object which causes that object to rotate. Over adjusted shoes, an improperly functioning parking brake system, a Bad, antisieze is a lubricant and will cause the bolts to loosen. properly and according to instructions will lock a bolt and nut a nut and a bolt can seize together. August 27, 2013. Install new anti-rattle clips (Photo 6). Anti-seize materials protect threaded and slip-fitted metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing at high temperatures. Nuts and bolts are often secured to items that are exposed to outdoor elements or liquids that cause them to rust and seize. Guess my tires are getting old, or there are more broken bottles around, but I seem to be changing a lot of them these days. If no failures occur during the lifespan of the connection, the seizing effect may cause problems during disassembly, perhaps that the fasteners just do not loosen. Also some bolts will not torque properly without some kind of lube. the two combined turn HARD and will not allow the parts to move properly. I think if I used the anti seize I would want to add the fancy anti back off tabs, not sure the actual name. It allows for correct torquing of nuts, bolts, and plugs. These are termed Static systems. 2 Jan 2018 Minor galling may cause only slight damage to the thread surface and I also recommend to put anti-seize on torque sensitive screws like In these cases, a shot of heat will loosen it up and allow you to remove the screw. Bolts   10 Sep 2013 It will prevent the screws from loosening when you ride, but won't lock If you use anti-seize compound, your screws will probably undo This question is one reason that I'm increasingly liking Shimano's Centerlock system. Definition – Galling is the seizing or abrading of threads caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces of the fasteners' mating threads. NP, I ran into this issue some years ago, pre internet, when the machine shop used anti seize on some ARP rod bolts when installing them. I have tried both lubricant and another time anti seize and found once assembled the bolts were still very hard to turn when under pressure as in an assembled bow. 4. They must also prevent wear, so that vibration doesn’t cause component interfaces to widen and loosen. May 22, 2007 · But, in doing some research, I encountered another aspect of anti-seize on wheel studs that can be an even greater problem. You'd best move up to stainless fasteners. It is typically easier to apply as well as reapply the best penetrating oil with aerosol you should not use anti-seize compound on brake parts (slides and pads). Jacking up on the lower control arms will take a little tension off the bars. If you break it then center drill with a 7/32 bit on an angle drill and it will likely push it thru the lug while drilling . To prevent galling from occurring, use an anti-seize solution on your threads before installing. , and the anti seize function is still delivered by either metal for May 27, 2016 · Once disassembled the bolts turned easily. Use Loctite when you do want it to be perminant or semi-perminant. I then used a tap and die set of the proper thread and cleaned up the bolt and the barrel nut. If you don’t have anti-seize fluid, then wet a shop cloth with motor oil and rub a thin layer onto the back of the wheel. The bolt loosened and fell out after about 3 days. Anti-seize grease which can operate in environments up to 400+ degrees F and there are synthetic solid blends with temperature rating of 3900 degrees F. Remove the mounting bolts and washers securing the pump to the drive. What is Never-Seez? Never-Seez is a thread lubricant applied to nut and bolt assemblies. If torqued properly the anti seize will generally not make the bolt more susceptible to losing Dec 05, 2017 · There are several reasons for this. it is a good idea to use anti-seize compound on the Mar 14, 2007 · Now that I know about anti seize, there is about 20 different types out there and a different one keeps showing up, like conductive ones. Although there is no obvious streching/damage to the ti bolts thread, they appear to have been the cause of the problem. Use the supplied anti-seize compound on the bolts Direct Drive Pump Removal The following steps will assist you in removing your pump from your gas engine or electric motor. Loctite on high vibration applications, choosing color (strength) depending on the application. If a vehicle is left sitting for months it's not uncommon for the brakes to seize, especially if it is parked outside. Where are the bolts broken at? Did they snap at the block they screw into? Might try some penetrating oil, give it some time, and try breaking them loose. Grade-8 bolts will stand up to the stress and will keep the chassis/body bond in place. Using different stainless alloy grades for the bolt and the nut reduces galling. Hopefully they will not loosen up. How to keep your nuts and bolts from locking up due to salt water. Anti-seize is a must when working on almost anything on your car, especially anything prone to rusting, corrosion, or high temperatures (this version is rated to 1600f according to online store)! i got this to use for use on my o2 sensor threads, all the bolts related to the exhaust system, and spark plugs. It’s arguably the best penetrating oil ever made despite it being one of the pricier oils on the market. Similar to over-torquing, using either of these will cause the bushing to seat deeper within the mating part, putting increased stress on both components. All ride height adjustments must be made with the vehicle weight Oct 27, 2010 · Anti-seize will lube the threads & allow you to get the bolt properly torqued. tighten a bolt first than it might loosen easily an not break off. The flakes are there principally to avoid dissimilar metal reactions between the two mating surfaces. versus required 140 ft. Tube (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version). Step 1: Loosen the nuts and jack up your car. To break them free they will most likely have to cut them Since I was a teen I've never believed WD-40 or Liquid Wrench did anything real. I would say there is zero reason to use it on a DT suppressor. Unless otherwise specified, torque values on engines are dry and using anti-seize will cause over torquing. Lithium or cadmium plating is for mild steel on mild steel. I just happen to believe in grease and Permatex. Permatex® Anti-Seize Lubricant. On those threads that tend to loosen by themselves, hold the lube and use a thread locker - Loctite is a popular one. g. Aug 21, 2013 · Never anti-seize/grease wheel studs/lugs, 1-- a DOT inspection WILL sideline the truck as anti-seize is a NO NO, 2--you can over tighten the stud/lug, there by STRETCHING and WEAKENING, you may end up with the same torque BUT the nut/thimble is tightened more to get the torque because the anti-seize/grease lubes the threads over tightening of the lubed threads to get the correct torque The bolt that broke extends about a quarter inch beyond the lug it threads into. In many cases, using torque will result in a broken bolt -- and, possibly, an injured hand. I do check the torque again after a day or two of driving around. All Loctite threadlockers cure anaerobically. 5/28/10 Karl Townsend. The wax under coating is Dec 17, 2015 · Replace the original license plate bolts with stainless steel ones and make sure to apply anti-seize on the threads before installing them. Let’s take a closer look at this product and some best practices. Torque values on these bolts are nowhere near critical to be overly worried about it. However for stretch bolts the amount of turn would be the same after Initial torque is performed; this is because the stretch is a function of the threads themselves. 10 Tricks to remove that Stuck, Seized, or Stripped Bolt/Nut. Marine-grade. I live in NY, which puts ton and tons of salt on the road in winter. I've got a new plate now and plan to use the anti-seize compound on those bolts. They are applied in a thin coating on bolt threads and other parts (seatposts, stems etc. Bolts don't loosen up because they are lubed up. Contamination prevents proper joint clamp-up and may cause failure. If you have a piece of steel hardware going into anything that's not the same metal (sometimes even if it is!) use anti-seize paste on the threads. Use anti-seize when connecting two dissimilar metals like a steel bolt to an aluminum frame. I have read that the problem with smearing anti-seize compound on nuts and bolts is that it makes it too easy to over-tighten even using a torque wrench. Will using anti seize on the stock bolts effect anything or cause a part to loosen more over time? I am replacing a stock control arm and was going to slap some on there so it does not get rusted tight again. You can remove a stuck lug nut in a This Aerokroil penetrating oil promises to loosen even the toughest of stuck metal parts, penetrating to one-millionth-inch spaces. Think of rod bolts in an engine. _____ However, in the future when I find that it takes more than that to loosen the nuts (110 ft-lbs seems like a good-enough number) then I will accept that there is some seizing that needs to be dealt with, and I'll start applying anti-seize. over-torque the author is so worried about. i personally use permatex synthetic brake lubricant. Once the bolts are removed, my cover didn't just fall of, but required some gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet. I use anti-seize on axle splines and hard to remove fasteners like brake retainers also spark plugs. Anti-seize on the exhaust mounting screws is also a good idea. As you continue to tighten these the increased friction will heat up the threading and cause them t Re: Head bolts, anti-seizing compound, and torque values by 38racing » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:41 pm A mechanic told me copper based anti seize was good into aluminum but I found an article somewhere that said copper was really bad for steel to aluminum. Step by step instructions. Again, no need to go around inspecting metals - just use the service manual. They don't loosen up because they are torqued properly. Also, when I changed my oil filter a couple of weeks ago I saw the beginnings of corrosion on the aluminium threads there so I was considering using some anti-seize there too. Mar 15, 2017 · The Australian and New Zealand governments are requiring industries to act sustainably and phase out anti-seize with these harmful heavy metals, and convert to metal-free anti-seize lubricants. If torqued properly you really shouldn't have much need for lock tite. If you encounter a vehicle with anti-seize on the wheel studs, be very careful. Before installing a heated oxygen sensor or Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) sensor, clean the exhaust manifold threads using the oxygen sensor thread cleaner tool, and apply anti-seize lubricant. Although sometimes it may be helpful because its a good idea to turn the bolts/nuts a good few times by hand to make sure they are not cross threaded before tightening them with a bar or gun and without lube they can be too tight to turn by hand. While putting a thread locker on an exhaust bolt will also lube it to an extent, you'll play hell getting it back out. In general, I prefer to check the bolts occasionally and use grease or anti-seize instead, since loctite has none of the torque-helping or water-repelling characteristics I like. – zenbike Apr 15 '12 at 19:56 Anti-seize compounds are designed to prevent the loosening of bolts and fasteners under vibration. Apr 13, 2020 · You can buy anti-seize grease from your local automotive shop. The finest thread lube is stuff specially made for threads called "anti-seize compound". Loose bolts can lead to serious and costly breakdowns. I only use anti seize when 2 different metals are being used, like steel spark plugs in aluminum heads. I found anti-seize can also attract dirt and crud to stick to the threads of your bolts and hubs. One of the biggest frustrations when disassembling a vehicle for restoration, or even repair, is the dreaded seized or stripped bolt. Apply a thіn lауеr оf anti-seize соmроund tо the thrеаdѕ оf thе caliper bracket bоltѕ as well. The dry/anti-seize conversion ratio became very non-linear when I put 65 ft. This will not impact your torque and will not cause the part to loosen but will save you some heartache later on! For plugs with this special metal plating, anti-seize is not recommended during installation. Studs: To prevent studs from backing out and causing leaks which can cause engine damage, use red thread locking compound. of anti-seize around the axle hubs to help prevent rust and permit easier removal when it’s time to rotate your tires. scrapping the entire clamp. Threads might "gall" without lube. However vibration Anti- corrosion – Because threadlockers fill the voids between and Anti-Seize lubricants. The torques for the bolts with anti seize will lower to account for friction loss. as stated above the a/seize attracts dust (brake dust). wycolo Active Member Don't use anti-seize on bolts that can cause failure at speed. NC Grade 5 zinc-plated steel bolts and nuts from five bolt manufacturers. They loosen up because they are not properly tightened. The next time you re-install the wheel, apply some anti-seize. I mainly use anti-seize on exhaust parts, or fasteners that are subjected to a fair bit of heat, I don't count on it for rust prevention. Apr 21, 2017 · Consider using an anti-seize compound on select threads, particularly for galvanized shackles. Coat nut face and bolt threads with A257-9 anti-seize compound, install and tighten nut, then loosen nut until both thrust washers can be freely rotated. Anti-seize also reduces wrench torque to facilitate assembly and disassembly of threaded connections. It’s easy to use aerosol and patented lubricating technology eases tension in all metal joints, reducing friction with ease by attacking rust but leaving the base metal Replace the bolts if they’re corroded. Temperature resistant to 1000°F. By Bill Grannis. , and they have have not come loose since!. Copper anti seize on bolts or nuts that are subject to high heat. LOCTITE® Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Compound provides a. Oct 03, 2014 · The company also makes Loctite 2047, a threadlocker specially formulated with additives to match the lubricity normally achieved with metal-free anti-seize lubricants. Lbs. Without the use of anti-seize, galling between the aluminum hub and steel bolts will cause a "false torque" or the the bolt may seem tight, but it is really galling and may lead to sheared prop bolts. I *think* Loctite will also prevent the dissimilar metals reaction, but I don't know that for fact. Suspension bolts require thread locker. Speaking of which - if those threads have corrosion, take a wire brush and give them a good going-over. That job is the whole point of the tool. Many anti-seize products out there are messy, wash away and are abrasive in nature resulting in prematurely wearing mating surfaces as well as undesirable resistance during removal, making spinners harder than necessary to remove, even though they may not I mistakenly put anti-seize on the caliper bolts instead of LocTite. Jul 10, 2015 · Over tightening - too much torque applied to the bolt exceeding the tensile strength rating of the bolt This will usually snap off the bolt head, as bolts are rated against stretch, not twist. This seizing Expansion and contraction can also cause side-to-side movement. Anti–Seize Compounds How to Choose an Anti-Seize Anti-Seize Technology’s anti-seize compounds contain a high percentage of engineered solids. Anti seize is designed for threaded fixing systems and non moving parts. This is mostly for corrosion resistance. Copper anti-seize is made for stainless steel on stainless steel applications or SS on mild steel. ABSOLUTELY put anti-seize on crash bar bolts. Most aftermarket crash bars come with bolts that don't have as nice a surface finish as BMW's bolts do, and they will lock up in that raw aluminum engine block. I have anti seize on my lug studs, the washer area is dry though, easier to do on the washer style lug nuts on my 96, Over tightening from lube is only really a problem when the specified torque is higher than normal for that size fastener, most things not a problem. The purpose of anti-seize is to add corrosion resistance and prevent metal-to-metal contact which causes galling and seizing. It is possible to screw How do you loosen a tight bolt without stripping it? 403 Views · How do  When tightening stainless steel bolts - they tend to seize - what's happening? I can't Does it matter whether you tighten the bolt head or the nut? How do Are the use of a thin nut and a thick nut effective in preventing loosening? Is there Several chemical companies, such as Moly-Kote, offer anti-galling lubricants. or antiseize, such as Finish Line's Anti-Seize Assembly try heating it with a heat gun to loosen the bond. They also reduce friction, wear, and breakage on critical parts in the most severe operating environments. Will the use of anti seize on properly torqued vehicle lug nuts likely cause them to loosen over time, to the point where it could be dangerous ? 2. All ride height adjustments must be made with the vehicle Re: Replacing Manifold and Riser (use Anti Seize or not) I'm talking about bolts as well - not gaskets. mark indicating that the bolt head was probably now cutting into the washer and/or the bolt was stretching. Its slow cure profile allows torquing of multiple bolts in a single assembly prior to curing. Aug 01, 2012 · The study used 5/8-in. Jul 14, 2018 · As an anti-corrosive coating or as a water repellent; Loosening trends on axles, seized bolts and other fasteners; Oiling sensitive or fast moving machine parts; The low viscosity nature of penetrating oils allow them to lubricate parts without resistance. But it certainly does make a big difference when it comes time to remove the fastener, I've swapped out mufflers 5 years after I put the anti-seize on, and the nut/bolt came off nicely. 5"cat back st. Then follow up w/ the anti-seize. 5. i have heard i should use anti sieze on the Mating dissimilar metals like steel and aluminum produces a reaction that can seize the bolts if one does not use anti seize compound on assembly. Also is it best to apply it to the nut or bolt? Break the Bonds: How to Free Seized Bolts. MRO Anti-seize 2400 is used in extreme corrosion-resistant from water, salt water and I usually use anti seize on all bolts. Coat the rotor hold-down screw with anti-seize compound and torque it to 11 Ft. 15 Jul 2014 Commonly forgotten - torque ratings on fasteners are based on their target clamping force. Anti-seize won't hurt a thing. It does NOT cause the thread to loosen. WD-40 Penetrant is a fast acting powerful and quickly penetrating spray that goes to the hard reaching areas and loosens the stuck and seized fixings. I am sure that has affected nuts/studs. Anti seize lubricant is used to prevent galling or locking up. You need to have small hands and removing these 2 bolts alone can take > 15 minutes. As many have previously said, most if not all manufacturers do not recommend using anti-seize on lug bolts/studs. AL does this to steel. Another really good place to put the stuff on is the chain adjuster bolts on the swingarm. The amount of force you put on the bolt is as if you just torqued the bolt to 170 in-lbs!! You are effectively putting too much force on the bolt. The choice between copper and aluminum is determined by the metals involved in the mating, plus by temperature. Do not over-tighten the Air Fuel Ratio (A/F) sensor or heated oxygen sensors. Thread galling occurs during installation when pressure and friction cause bolt threads to seize to the threads of a nut or tapped hole. RE: Use Of Anti Seize On Automotive Wheel Lugs & Studs BridgeSmith (Structural) 20 Nov 18 03:02 Tire shops may be partially staffed by inexperienced young people, but the policies that they are required to follow are set by management, who bear the responsibility and liability for the work performed. On exhaust headers, the bolts don't loosen because of vibration, they loosen because of heat cycling and dimensional changes in the gaskets. I wоuld аlѕо рut a little аntі-ѕеіzе соmроund оn thе thrеаdѕ оf thе rоtоr hold-down bolt. Swapping the split washer for a flat Yes, I used the titanium bolts to save a little weight. Then try the identical test with the copper anti-seize lubricant to see if there is any risk that it could cause the bolts to loosen off in time. All it takes is . Anti-seize compounds. It is also known as " cold welding ". I would have to agree if the fastener is properly torqued I can not see a possibility of loosing up by using anti-seize. that was the first time i had ever heard of putting anti-seize on a wheel lug bolt. If anti-seize, does it matter which form? Thanks, Bob. I have now put the original Campy (steel) crankbolts back in using Permatex anti-seize, torqued them to 32 ft lb. It would be interesting to tighten one of the bolts up dry with a tension wrench, then use a tension wrench to see what tension was required to release the bolt. Tіghtеn all bolts uѕіng your tоrԛuе wrench ѕеt at thе аррrорrіаtе setting. I also agree that it is a good idea to stick with what you believe in. This is the solution 2400 marine-grade anti-seize. Aug 30, 2010 · Over the past few years Chemical manufacturers have developed a "white anti-seize" which seems to work quite well. Once you have removed your tire, use some sandpaper to remove any rust on the hub. Fixing seized brakes can only be successfully completed if you can determine what caused them to seize. With some luck an dtechnique the nut will expand enough more to break the lock formed by the corrosion or at least to allow some penetrating oil to seep in and do it's juju. Failure to properly torque the wheels to the correct torque using the proper sequence could cause a brake pulsation and rotor warpage. When heat is applied the nut and bolt are going to expand at different rates. Once a fastener has seized up from galling it is typically impossible to remove without cutting the bolt or splitting the nut. industrial processes can cause bolt material to expand or contract rapidly, possibly loosening the bolt. It acts as a sufficient barrier between the two pieces of metal and prevents oxidation and bonding. I just use the threadlock when installing the exhaust manifold. Best answer to the problem is a gasket that's dimensionally stable. of rust or crud on the hub to cause brake pedal pulsation and ruin a perfectly good brake job. Axle nuts require thread locker. Overview – Fortunately   could lead to misalignment and ultimately cause bearing failure. Typically a light coat of oil and torque to spec. Jul 02, 2015 · None have pulled or caused problems since. Before test driving, pump the brake pedal slowly and steadily in 2 inch (50mm) increments until the brake pedal has a firm feel. I would like to put anti-seize on when I put the wheels back. I also put a little anti-seize on the back of the wheel so that it doesn't corrode and stick to the brake rotors. I do not use either on cylinder or cylinder head bolts. appropriate conditions, the loosening process will continue until nut detachment reason why threaded fasteners are used in preference to other joining methods . A frequently overlooked issue is that dried anti-seize does not have the same K factor wet versus dry. BMW does not recommend putting anti-seize compound on lug bolts. I have done brakes for 32 years ,and tried anti seize on pins years ago. You have no worries about having lube on your bolts. Any ratethere will be alot of tension on the bars. The lubrication of the anti-seize may cause torque errors. MRO solutions 1000 anti-seize. Dont ask me how I know this by the way: ive used clear fingernail polish as loctite on non-stressed bolts in a pinch. Dennis Oct 28, 2012 · Anti-seize compounds protect mated metal parts against friction, galling, and corrosion. Thread locker & Anti-seize; Anti-seize. Copper grease on roadwheel bolts ? - 659FBE There is a further aspect to this discussion which has so far not been mentioned. MRO solutions 2000 copper anti-seize. Sep 13, 2016 · Most of us take bolts and studs for granted. DO NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Permatex® Anti-Seize Lubricant should be used on coil-over threads to prevent galling. The bolts were assembled with a calibrated torque wrench to 112 ft-lb (152 Nm), the standard SAE Grade 5 recommendation for steel bolts. After struggling to remove a frozen fastener, I want to make sure that it is easier to remove the next time. All ride height adjustments must be made with the vehicle weight Even with anti seize a properly torqued fastener shouldn't loosen from vibration present on a vehicle. Usually they are the gearcase fastening bolts and will loosen and fall out. When loosening bolts a torque value higher than the tightening torque is The use of penetrating oils or anti-seize products is always recommended  21 Feb 2016 In this video I show you the danger of using anti-seize on your lug nuts (with a dry torque rating) and the potential failure it can lead to. Other than cleaning Tom's greasy belly. Re: anti-seize with stainless bolts? In many cases, certain types of anti-seize will "eat away" the aluminum threads in an outboard. Check out all the tools & equipment available on NAPA Online or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs. You or a friend may need one someday as they do loosen and fall out sometimes. Always use anti-seize on all bolts going into aluminum, its just wise. It may be necessary to try several methods in order to get the seized nut and bolt to loosen. Intake and exhaust manifold studs,bolts or nuts. Loosen the clamp at the front of the muffler and cause a restriction to exhaust flow, impeding performance. -Base on test results, I would never use anti-seize on cylinder head bolts, or other critical fasteners other than spark plugs. Composed of pure copper, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum disulfide, zinc, as well as highly lubricious graphite particles, dispersed into high melting point grease and fortified with advanced Feb 27, 2009 · Anti-seize is only used on bolts you want to remove in the future and in my opinion it just makes it more likely the vibrations will loosen the bolts over time. Several chemical companies offer anti-galling lubricants. Never use anti-seize type products on bolts or studs. NOT RECOMMENDED: Never use this compound on brake caliper or wheel lug bolts! This can cause these high stress bolts to loosen up. If during hot bolting the wet torque value is used on a dry joint, less load will actually be applied on the joint because of the change in K factor. The author’s only remedy proffered is to dab some anti-seize on the lug nut cone. Sign in to reply. For that matter I use antiseize on most repairs I do on my own vehicles because I know who's gonna have to loosen those bolts next time And no, antiseize will NOT cause bolts to loosen (assuming they are properly torqued, and the bolted joint is reasonably well designed). Anyone who has snapped the head off a bolt or screw would sympathize that a lot of time, blood, sweat, and maybe even tears, are wasted when anti-seize is an afterthought. will anti seize cause bolts to loosen

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